Localhost is special, part 1: vampire nodes
Jan 24, 2021 k8s
In which a subtle CRI-O bug breaks machines in a new and special way.

Using hack/run-locally with CRIO
Jan 20, 2021 k8s
How to run kubernetes locally with CRI-O

Introduction to CNI at KubeCon EU 2020
Aug 18, 2020 talks
Presentation about CNI for KubeCon EU 2020

Kubernetes and the CNI: Where we Are and What’s Next?
May 3, 2018 talks
Deep-dive into CNI and Kubernetes networking for KubeCon EU 2018.

Golang, Threads, and You
Nov 1, 2017 talks
Some low-level go runtime shenanigans I presented at the November 2017 Berlin Golang meetup.

Jacob Appelbaum’s May 9th Visit to Stammtisch
May 12, 2017 personal
A commentary on communities, abuse, and direct action.

New Journeys in rkt’s Stages
Jan 1, 2017 talks
Presentation for the January, 2017 Berlin CoreOS meetup. Interesting from a historical perspective.

Creating letterpress type with a 3d-printer
Feb 14, 2015 hacks
3d-printed printing plates: not as terrible as you might expect!

Decoding MUNI telemetry with GnuRadio
Nov 9, 2014 hacks
My failed attempt to decode what should be an obvious AFSK stream.

Configuring a TOR-ified wireless network
Jun 8, 2014 hacks

This is a guide to configuring a wireless network that transparently directs all traffic over Tor.

Geeky things to do in San Francisco
Mar 25, 2014 travel
I wrote this quora answer, and I’m now capturing it here in preparation for Quora’s eventual demise. Go to the Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda: Check out the Stanford Dish: Sign up for a tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator: Check out the seabirds and learn about the ecology of the bay at the Palo Alto Baylands Ride with the San Jose Bike Party: San Bruno Mountain Park: Great views and explore an abandoned Nike missile base: link The Pirate Store (has to be seen to be believed!

Muni countdown timer
Nov 10, 2013 hardware
IOT before it was cool - a countdown timer for the MUNI.

The Lazer Blazer
Sep 14, 2012 hardware
A blinking LED blazer for Noisebridge’s birthday party.

SF Whiteboards
Sep 11, 2012 hacks
In which we discover that San Francisco streetsign posts are the perfect size for… augmentation.

Code Cards (Christmas 2011)
Dec 12, 2011 hacks
nerdy christmas cards (sorry).

Drop2Drink: Website + Foursquare Awareness for SF Emergency Hydrants
Dec 4, 2011 hacks

Road trip travelogue, part 3
Aug 26, 2010 travel

Road trip travelogue, part 2
Aug 16, 2010 travel

Road trip travelogue, part 1
Aug 7, 2010 travel

Apple Remote library for Arduinio
Oct 11, 2008 hardware