OpenStreetMaps for kids
Apr 18, 2024 hacks
Using OpenStreetMaps to generate kid-oriented maps

Creating letterpress type with a 3d-printer
Feb 14, 2015 hacks
3d-printed printing plates: not as terrible as you might expect!

Decoding MUNI telemetry with GnuRadio
Nov 9, 2014 hacks
My failed attempt to decode what should be an obvious AFSK stream.

Configuring a TOR-ified wireless network
Jun 8, 2014 hacks

This is a guide to configuring a wireless network that transparently directs all traffic over Tor.

SF Whiteboards
Sep 11, 2012 hacks
In which we discover that San Francisco streetsign posts are the perfect size for… augmentation.

Code Cards (Christmas 2011)
Dec 12, 2011 hacks
nerdy christmas cards (sorry).

Drop2Drink: Website + Foursquare Awareness for SF Emergency Hydrants
Dec 4, 2011 hacks